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March 06, 2008


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Correction .... The ordinance doesn't denote race.

Sarah Pizano

This dress code will prohibit certain people from being able to go. What about the poor people, who only have ripped and baggy clothing? They can't go? They may not be able to bring much revenue, but still they are citizens who have to pay taxes just like everyone else. In all actuality, this ordinance is denoting race because the stereotypical profiles of certain races include those clothing articles. Why not just include: baseball caps, do-rags, and hoodies? And restrict teenagers and big groups? Is it going to turn out to be another Crown Center? The cinema there closed down after restricting children and teenagers from being able to look around while waiting on a movie. Many of those children felt discriminated on because of age and/ or race.

j. bendure

Although I do not wear work boots, bandanas, or ripped and baggy clothing I do not support the restrictions placed on individuals who choose to wear these articles. I don't see how personal style is any indication of criminal intent even though criminal activity could be attributed to gangs or groups that wear specific items for the sake of personal recognition or group affiliation. The developers must not understand where they are conducting business if they are so eager to generalize or cast stereotypes on entire groups of Kansas City natives. Maybe I'll go buy a pair of baggy pants and some work boots and wear them proudly. PLD Security should be more concerned with weapons but I don't recall seeing any metal detectors. If they banned cowboy hats, however, a large part of the target demographic that has turned up would have to find another place to play.


How is this dress code any different than what a lot of schools require? How is this dress code different than what a lot of African-American owned establishments downtown require?

This is not about race no matter how you try and spin it. The simple fact of the matter is that most of these business cater to a crowd of over people over the age of 21 the nights that the dress code is in place. At this age should we not be able to expect that everyone dress in a manner that does not resemble an association with a criminal element, or if you were preparing for a night of laying on the coach eating Fritos? The are places of business, and all business have always under US laws reserved the right to refuse service to anyone. If you can't go out and enjoy a night on the town with out having to throw on clothing that makes others around you uneasy then why go? What some of the other posters have failed to recognize is that if our downtown area is going to continue to grow, and prosper, and more money is going to be put into rebuilding the dying areas of the city, people from outside the downtown area need to feel as if it is safe to travel into those areas or they will never visit them and we will jsut end up with another Crown Center and more inner urban plight. The PDL has created jobs, and re-vitilized an area of the city that was ignored for years. If they wish for it to continue to grow and be a healthy part of the city those concerned with the dress code need to acknowledge and accept that their are steotypes associated with that kind of dress that are founded in fact, and statistics. When you strap on a pair of baggy pants , a wife beater, and some timberlands you know what kind of message you are trying to send to those who see you. Don't be so niave to say that you don't. Same as if you throw on a suit and tie, or torn pants and a tie dyed shirt. You are trying to send a specific message to those who see you. The developers of PDL understand that they need people to feel safe down there to draw in the people with the most disposible income, and have put rules in place to ensure that. Maybe some of you should travel to like Boston, were their downtowns are thriving because people feel safe and the entire city is winning because of it. Get of your high horse and look at the world for how it is. Your gangster look or your hippy bum look make people uneasy, if you want to come down to PDL, dress with a little more sence towards what they want PDL to be. It's their business at stake not yours.

paul allan

Here is the deal people. Its not about race, its about thugs and punks. Whenever somebody trys to make a nice place for good people to go and exclude gangs. Someone somewhere plays the race. Give the race a rest folks. Its 2009, not 1959.

Nic Cook

If you want me to come up to the the power and light district and spend my money then keep the dress code. I stopped going to Banister mall and Westport because of the thug presence. Don't let this happen to something that tax payers have payed for. Keep the dress code please.


PLEASE keep the dress code. Kansas City finally has a thriving downtown and we want to keep it that way.


i think that this dress code is kinda lame, just weed out the ppl that dont need ot be there and would be great

Jen Noel

I feel safe going to Powel and Light-and I have stopped going anywhere else b/c they dont compare to the atmosphere of the P&L.
It is NOT about race-every weekend I go there is a mix of EVERY race-people who dress nicely for a nice night out.
For those who say "ripped clothing will keep out the people who dont have alot of money"...if you dont have mone-why are you going to P&L spending over $5 a drink in the first place?!?!? Go to Westport, wear whatever you want and pay cheaper fees.
Im to the point of making P&L a monthly/annual fee membership like a private club to not have to hear thi nonsense about race-
STFU and if you dont like something's rules-DONT GO
Quit being a whining baby and go elsewhere


Rich brats seem to want the dress code. Working class people don't. End of story. Justify it how you would like, this is the plain truth of it. It seems rediculous to me to "feel safe" because someone is dressed a-la college prep. As if criminals can't wear polos and penny loafers?

Shereese Parker

It sad reading these comments about the dress code. Too many people are saying "keep the code" but if someome banned you from walking into an establishment because your t-shirt sleeves were ABOVE your elbows you would call the MAYOR about it! I was going to partonize and spend my hard earned money there one night... i had on a "wife beater", jeans and flip flops, for those who don't know a wife beater is a sleeveless t-shirt. My husband had on jeans sneaker and a regular t-shirt. They told me i was fine to go into the community area where they were watching sports but my husbands t-shirt sleeves were too long. Seriously... He was dressed neat and nice and i couldn't believe it. I had on flip flops and i was fine to go in! It's not just a race thing...it's a "black man" thing. Open your eyes and look around. My husband is a hard working father of 4. A great man. Not a criminal, not a thug. if you take of the blinders for a moment and pay attention you will see that the dress code is taylored to exclude black men by denying entrance because of their clothes. Period. Black men don't wear skinny jeans... Black men don't wear little shirts. Power and Light will NEVER get my money, and i'm sure they are happy about that.

J. Love

Keep the dress code. The establishments have obviously made it clear that they want the area to remain safe and not get ran down like many parts of the city like I live in. It has nothing to do with race, it has to do with respect and keeping an appearance of a nice/safe place to hang out and enjoy yourself. Obviously it has nothing to do with race like some people above think, I see many white guys walking around with the described clothes. I'm glad they have dress codes at places so I can go and dress nice and feel nice. If you don't feel like dressing up, there are plenty of other bars that would love to have your money.

Jordan Hydro

This looks so cool. I'm so happy that I find this blog, it seems that blogs are getting more creative in every aspect and its nice to see. Thank you for sharing.

Jordan Hydro

This looks so cool. I'm so happy that I find this blog, it seems that blogs are getting more creative in every aspect and its nice to see. Thank you for sharing.

Jordan Hydro

This looks so cool. I'm so happy that I find this blog, it seems that blogs are getting more creative in every aspect and its nice to see. Thank you for sharing.

Nice dresser

Keep the dress code, went there the other night, a lot of morons standing around that look like they just rolled out of the hood. yea I want to bring my wife/girlfriend etc into an atmosphere like that. WAAA WAAA WAA go buy some nice clothes you know who you are, yes we dont want you there.That goes for any dumbass of any race that doesn't know how to dress properly. Sorry P and L you know longer will get my patronage for pandering to the whining minority instead of the paying majority.


Why is the dress code different for men than women? Why are my bare arms and visible underwear acceptable and a man's not? These types of codes of conduct aren't just elitist, they're sexist, stale, and outdated. It's immensely disappointing to see ignorance and paranoia of the suburban fringe placed so firmly in the center of the city.

Additionally, it's incredibly thoughtless that the city would pour tax incentives all over a project that panders to suburbanites who throw hissy-fits over the way other people are dressed, just to drive home drunk to the other side of the state line. Maybe people would have more money for nice clothes if they weren't so busy paying the taxes that are wasted on projects like this.


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Thomas  Burns

there is a simle way to deal with this do a recall of every citty personal in tell the districk is close down. and if no one is going there the Busniess there will close down do to no one being there . this is the same thing as the 1960 all over why not just say no blacks , people in wheel chairs or any one we do not think fits are ideal of are nered mine. how is this not in valashion of fedral law . i for one will not do any shoping and will have my Goup not do any shoping at all and will be asking for a recall of every one of the citty in tell this is removed and set as any other part of the citty again.

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